If you have called NHS 111 and been advised to make your way to the Childrens A&E at Sunderland Royal Hospital between 10pm and 8am then please do so safely.

If however, you don't have the means for transport, during those hours, then feel free to call us to arrange transport FREE OF CHARGE



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"Call us and let us help with your transport during the night"


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Save South Tyneside Hospital campaign

This project is in no way affiliated with the Save South Tyneside  Hospital campaign but wholeheartedly support it's aims and objectives. We hope they are successful in their challenge to see the decision of the Trust overturned and Children's A&E services are resumed 24/7 at South Tyneside Hospital.


Click on the highlighted text above to be re directed to the Save South Tyneside Hospital campaign website where you can see what it being done to save the Hospital from being downgraded and support it's efforts.

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A number of fundraising efforts, including submissions for funding to Banks supporting local community group projects, are being considered and where possible progressed, where updates will be provided as they become available.


Visiting the Project's Facebook page will allow you to find updates on Fundraising events. Please feel free Share the posts when they are available.


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